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Product Detail

Over seventeen different bible stories have been illustrated in our story bags.  Hand made by a family member these tools are effective in a variety of settings.  Each comes with a script and instructions.  As the lesson is told, the bag turns five times to a new fabric.  The final turn reveals a hidden pocket.  Special verses, truths and items can be hidden away  to be found by eager helpers.  These tools have now traveled all around the world and are a great tool for missionaries, pastors, or lay workers.   

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If you  would like to receive a copy of our catalog  please contact us through email, phone, or snail mail.

Price: $12.00

We have gathered a wide range of products to assist all children’s workers in being more effective teachers.  Our catalog includes items from CEF Press, Child Evangelism Fellowship in California, Bible Visuals, ABEKA, and Bratton Specialties.


There are a wide range of visualized songs and hymns, including some that are ready to use and others offered at a lower cost that need some simple coloring. 


In addition, we offer single use lessons for discipleship and evangelism as well as series.  One special group of items are a wide variety of missionary stories helping children understand the great men and women of faith then challenging them to think about becoming missionaries.

Story Bags captivate and motivate

children and adults.

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